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Who are we?

We are a San Francisco based company that strives to bring affordable yet stylish eyewear to customers around the world. We believe that quality glasses do not have to come at the expense of affordability and convenience. Our team continuously explore and expand on new selections from a variety of shapes, colors and materials to bring you the most unique pair of eyewear.

How we started

Having worn glasses ourselves, we understand the struggle of misplacing your favorite pair of glasses or the urge to switch up the style for different occasions. The most difficult part however is re-discovering a new pair of eyewear that fits perfectly. This is where our story begins, we thought to ourselves, why don’t we travel around the world to bring together a catalog of eyewear that will fit our customer’s needs? We did exactly that. Our selections are based on styles around the world that are personally selected by our staffs and are continuously changing, so you will always have the perfect pair for every occasion.