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Do you accept HSA/FSA?

Definitely! HSA/FSA are saving accounts that help you save pre-tax money for use on qualified medical expenses. Your vision is an important part of your health and thus HSA/FSA will allow for reimbursement on your prescription eyewear purchases.

Which of your products are covered via HSA/FSA?

How can I check if a product is covered?

We suggest reaching out to your provider with the product you’d like to purchase to confirm the product is covered under your HSA/FSA plan.

How much can I spend or purchase?

You’re able to purchase up to the maximum fund in your account. For example, if I have $100, I can spend up to 100 dollars on qualified products.

How do I make purchases with my HSA or FSA?

If your HSA/FSA provider gave you a debit card you can simply make your purchase with it. If your debit card is not available, print out your order receipt and submit it through your provider’s portal.